Trees are a great way to challenge your friends.

You have to register to set up a tree. You can also easily manage who has access to the tree. The 4 levels of access are:

  • Players can join without approval
  • Players can request to join
  • Players must be invited by a tree member
  • Players must be invited by the tree owner

A player's request to join a tree appears as a New application which the tree owner can accept or reject. Alternatively you can invite your friends to join your tree. An invitation to join a tree is shown as “Invitation pending” against the tree in the Trees section. Click on the tree to accept the invitation.

Once you are a member of a tree, you can either issue a "blind" or "open" challenge. A blind challenge will keep the identity and score of your phonker secret, whilst an open challenge shares the details of your phonker with the other member.

You can invite your friends to join a tree using their Player ID (found in “About Me”) or by sending an email.

In a nutshell, it's Conkers on your phone

(without the nut shell)

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