How To Play The Game

After installing the game you can Sign In straight away if you have a Phonkers account. Alternatively you can Register. Register an account with Phonkers to be kept up to date with the latest developments, for example, new characters and new functionality. Registration also makes it easier to link up with your friends.

Click on the "Free Phonkers" button to collect your free bag of phonkers, and then select a phonker.

If you just want to have a game of Phonkers, click on Random Play and the game will find you a worthy opponent – just hang out in the lobby until another phonker joins you. Alternatively you can challenge members of a Tree – your friends perhaps. To identify yourself to your friends you use either your email address (if you registered) or your Player ID (select About Me from the menu). To find a tree, select Trees from the menu.

Game Play

Both players must hold their phones vertically and still. The system randomly chooses one player as Striker and one as Holder. The Striker gets an opportunity to impart as much damage as possible to the Holder's phonker, before they swap. When instructed to Strike the Striker swings their phone sharply in an arc – imagine striking a nail with a hammer. You are simulating a strike – you do not hit the other phone! Damage incurred, to both phonkers, depends on the angle and momentum of the strike, and the attributes of both phonkers.

The players take turns until one or both phonkers is destroyed. The victorious phonker adds the score of the losing phonker to its own.

Phonkers are “polished” overnight, and returned to full health – unless they have incurred permanent damage by abandoning a battle. You can apply a health pack to polish your phonker immediately.

In a nutshell, it's Conkers on your phone

(without the nut shell)

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